1545 Posts – There are that many posts on this site.

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It’s been 4 years since I last posted on this site. It’s strange because I come and update and look around quite frequently. This site has sort of faded into being part of my history. I explain to people how it used to be quite popular to read. I had people stop me in public and in fact, that is what got me to stop creating this page. I was followed for about a week from someone. It still remains that there are over 1500 stories of my life in here and I find a lot of them interesting. I sometimes debate coming back and writing...

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Here is a story that Kyra wrote. She’s now 9 years old. Once upon a time there was an ocean . This was a special ocean. This was a magic ocean. Mermaids swim in it. This is why. Once there was a diamond. One winter this diamond got so cold it’s color started to go away. Then the next morning the sun shined on that diamond. Powder got on it. This was not any old dust. This was magic dust. The diamond started to roll and roll and rolled until it came to a ledge. It fell off the ledge and shattered. Right when hope was lost the...

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I’ve changed the look of my site and taken all my photos that I had made into the images on the site. I also deleted a whole bunch of pages that aren’t relevant any longer. I’m now in Tennessee. I’m going to get my camera out and go take a pile of pictures, so that I can edit the site to show how pretty it is around here. There are some amazing things about this place as far as the countryside and even this little town.

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Email Posting

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OK, so I’m going to test out posting via email this time because it seems like a simple way of doing it. Windows Live Writer that I used to use doesn’t work any longer. I also don’t know if this will post images or not, so here is an image of Drake eating chicken if it works. That would be...

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Christmas Post Review

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Christmas was good to me this year even though Kyra was with her father and hasn’t experiences all of it’s rewards. I’m one of the fortunate ones though. Drake got lots of tractor related things, his not so silent obsession really hit home with his grandparents. Kyra’s basic theme in gifts was security this year. Yeah, she’s an 8 year old who needs the ability to keep her things away from her brother, but still accessible to her. Prior to Christmas her nicest things are hidden in the top of her closet (she...

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New A/C and Dog Recovering from Surgery

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Well, it’s been quite a week. We started out Labor Day visiting family, we met them about half way in Virginia. That was so fun. We had a blast.   Then we got home and our house was over 99 degrees, so it would not register on my thermostat. It had been blowing hot air though, so things were really hot. We found out that we had lost all our Freon in our heat pump and basically we needed a new one. Well, today is Thursday and the new A/C was just installed. I think I love it already.   Our dog also was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday....

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Disney On Ice

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I’m super excited here. I bought tickets for just Kyra and myself to attend Disney on Ice in Chattanooga in October. Yep, we are going to leave the boys home and go. I’m so excited.

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The Space and Rocket Center

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Well, me and the kids went down to the Space and Rocket Center this week. We have an annual pass because we went after school let out and the annual pass was cheaper than going for one day. It is strange that a lot of places are that way. The Aquarium that I really want to get to is that way too, so after I get there one time. I can go all I want for a full year. Drake went on the potty for the first time and today is Kyra’s first day of school. Life is crazy busy as you would expect. Stephen is attempting to make a record as well. He...

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Tractor Pull Fiasco

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Well, this last week has sort of been a bore probably for anyone who wanted to watch my life. We are broke with our bills paid, so things are good. We don\’t really have a budget for entertaining though at the moment, so our fun times include walking around our small town.\r\n Well there was a truck pull in our town this week. We went Friday night. I never stepped on to the property the pull was being held on because Stephen\’s work owns the property that we sat on to watch. That being said about ½ way through the show,...

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Life Update

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I consider and reconsider what I should do with this blog site over the years. I\’ve just been letting it sit, I know dumb right. Well, I\’m going to start back up blogging again right here, so there will be a huge gap in time on my site. My life is a whirl wind of activity though. I now live in a the beautiful state of Tennessee although I\’ve had a less then welcoming experience for the most part. I find the south to be very racist and discrimination is rampant. I used to always think that making a big deal of...

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