About My Work

My name is Jennifer. I’ve been maintaining websites since 2001, starting with this one. This started as my personal blog site. I went to college for information technology and part of the course work was making websites, so I wanted to maintain my skills learned in college. I started a blog to do that. I had no idea it would turn into my job and one that I love.

This site was so successful that strangers would stop me while shopping with my kids. It became scary. I felt my safety was compromised as a single mom, so I stopped updating it. I did leave it intact though and now that was years ago. I’ve kept it through the years except the comments… as a measure to clean up spam and limit it. After I hadn’t looked into this site for awhile. I turned off comments and deleted all the comments that were left. This eliminated all the spam ones that had made way through.

I now work with individual commercial clients and marketing firms to create content and maintain sites. I’ve recently come back to this site in order to update it and get it looking nice again.

Creating a website isn’t just tossing some information into a free service like you’ve been told. Yeah, sure you can make it pretty. It’s more than that, just making a website isn’t enough anymore. It’s much harder to create a website that gets noticed.

I’m just one person. I work to create great relevant sites for people on a budget. My sites are NOT the most extravagant, but they are properly coded and cleanly designed.

I have a natural gift for Search Engine Optimization and can get my clients to the top of search engines with time. I contract out some writing assignments in order to get fresh articles and information for your site. I work closely with my clients to ensure I know exactly what they want and that they understand exactly what I will do to accomplish the goal.

I’ll offer training and ongoing support as needed to allow you to add content as well, which will save you money. I work to maintain forms and ensure your website stays current with all technical updates.