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About The Blog

This whole site is about me, so that is the whole story. Here however for the first time readers. I will introduce the cast of this site. LOL…

I am Jennifer. I have many jobs one of which is driving a school bus. I also have a few other jobs that I do between my routes and over the weekends. I am a active mystery shopper and a general happy face in about anything I do. I will do just about anything to ensure that my daughter doesn’t need to go into daycare and we survive.

I am in a rock club. Yes, physical rocks and not the rocks that you smoke, some of my friends think that this is hilarious. Who collects rocks??

My daughter is Kyra the most talked about on this site. She is 2 years old now. She is a complete blessing and an angel to anyone who has the pleasure of actually meeting her. She doesn’t go anywhere without getting compliments, yes…I do mean anywhere. It is crazy.

My boyfriend is Stephen. He doesn’t live here, but does live 3 doors down the road. I write about him on here pretty consistently, since he has been around. LOL…

My ex-husband is Adam. We were married 10 years. If you read far enough back, you can follow our entire divorce on this site. You will still see him in here still occasionally. He is now considered a friend and is in and out of our house frequently. I mean his daughter live here. He has an apartment about 40 minutes away from us though.

My ex-father-in-law, Stan, also continued to lived with us for awhile after the divorce. Yeah, I know it is weird to have your ex-husband’s dad living with you after you are divorced, but we did. We got along pretty well. I think he had hopes of Adam and I getting back together though and when he figured out that wasn’t happening. He moved on.

I live far from my extended family, well only about 4 hours. You see them scattered in here and there is usually lots of pictures when we go there or they come here.

There are also friends scattered in here. I do try to get permission to post pictures of my friends, so mostly you won’t see face pictures on here of our friends.

You will see Tom though, he is a retired school teacher and my good friend. I met him many years ago at an auction back when this site was my Ebay store and I worked full-time selling vintage products and antiques on Ebay. I now obviously don’t do that anymore.

You may also see Robin and Larry on occasion. They live next door and feed me frequently. I also do a lot of designated driving at the bar she manages. I consider Robin almost a mother figure though, she is the person I go to when I need advise on anything. She will tell me straight which is appreciated.

You will also hear about my neighbor kids and occasionally see there pictures. They have 4 kids that have grown up with us next door, so just like family. That is where I go when I need some excitement and being around 4 kids is a grand time. They are the most behaved kids in the whole world probably and it amazes me just to be around them.

Well, that is us. Now read away to see all the crazy things we do.

I base this site on what I want to remember about the day in 10 years, so it remains a fairly upbeat site and mostly positive. I want mostly to remember positive things and forget the negative.

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Most of all, just enjoy yourself. This is an entertainment site.