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Don’t get any ideas?? There was cash in my house for only like an hour today. So you missed your chance for a robbery at least at my house. A robber would be sad after leaving my house with there take of a 10 year old tv and old video game systems. My computer is even old as far as the case goes. It is fairly up to date on the inside.

Well, there is my $4000 in that pile. The furnace is paid for and I am officially more broke. It was nice to actually see the money though. I have never seen that much at one time before. I think Ben (Franklin) would be proud though. I learned that I have a credit score of 682 which surprised me seeings how in debt I am. Everything we own is in my name and I have virtually no income. My husband who had the worst credit I have ever seen when we got married. (It was like in the 300’s. This is the reason everything is in my name.) He now has a score of 740. Wow huh?? It took 8 years.

Today was a good day.

We went and had dinner at Tom and Shirley’s. I finally got them there Christmas gift…LOL. It is the 18th, I know. How does time go so fast? It was good. It is funny to me to see Shirley laugh at Kyra’s faces and expressions. I guess I see Kyra everyday, she makes me smile a lot, but she makes Shirley completely laugh though. That makes me smile. Shirley is such a nice lady.

In the news today was the attack on the website: . I am ashamed of anyone that would attack a young man with such a good cause and idea. He has a completely honest page, that paid for his education. He should be commended not attacked and scandaled. Shame on you hackers out there that do this. Why not hack someone who deserves it??

Well that is all tonight. Bye. Posted by Picasa