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Okay, so the real meme says “Hate”.  I try not the “Hate” anything though.  I was scared when I originally heard of this tag from Life’s Roller Coaster.  I headed on over there though and it isn’t that bad.  We all dislike something in most of these categories at least I think we do.  LOL…

Food I hate : Liver, Gizzards, any of the disgustingly located meats.  I am very conservative with meat.
Fruit I hate : Pears… I don’t like the course feeling they leave in your mouth.
Veggies I hate : Rhubarb, Is that a veggie??  I have grown to really enjoy most of these.
•  Celebrities/People that I hate : I don’t hate anyone!  I think some decision making skills could be improved of the likes of Brittany, Linsey, or Paris.
Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : I don’t like huge crowds. 
TV shows/movies that I hate : Blood.  I am a woose.  I can watch CSI all night and not be grossed out.  I can’t watch an action scene though.
Music I hate : Opera
Household chores that I hate : Window Cleaning… Is that a chore?  I know I more hate it with my bus windows.  There are 56 windows on a bus.
Things that you hate around the world : Slavery.
Things that you hate about yourself : Hairy Unshaven Legs.    I really should shave more.  LOL…

Ok, I am not going to tag people tonight.  I am going to tag people for this tomorrow though, so your not off the hook.  If you want tagged and you are reading this…let me know.  (jennifer at ladylike4 dot com or comment below.)  I’ll post the lucky ones tomorrow.