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Today it has been 10 years since Adam stood me up for our first date.  This is a pretty memorable day in my mind almost like it just happened. 

I felt like an idiot sitting at the dance club not knowing a soul and waiting for this strange man to come. 

I ended up dancing with ladies that worked at the farm supply store.  I think they just felt sorry for me though.  I waited from 8 o’clock the set time to meet until 11 o’clock.  I went home crying almost the whole way.

Adam’s side of this story is that he was at work and they made him work a double shift.  He didn’t know a phone number to call to cancel and didn’t think I would go anyways. 

Yeah, he thought it was okay to stand me up because he thought I was going to stand him up.  He still says it wasn’t his fault to this day…amazing he is. 

Can you believe we made it 10 years together with this start?  LOL…

*Tomorrow – 10 years ago was memorable too, but I write about that tomorrow.