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It is that simple.  If you are 14 or you are attracted to someone that is 14.  It is simple…you shouldn’t have sex.  I hope this bus driver gets the book thrown at him. 

I have been debating this age difference thing in my head for a few weeks now since the guy I am seeing is 22 and I am 30.  I have decided that I don’t think it is wrong to be with people younger than you are (male or female), as long as you are both above the minimum of 18. 

I, however, think I have a 10 year cut off for myself in either direction older or younger.  I don’t want to be with people as old as my parents nor people young enough to be my child.  aaaahhhh!

Anyways, here is the PDF on this pedophile case in Phoenix.

What do you think about age differences in couples??  What is the maximum minimum for you??  Do you agree that this driver should be punished severely??