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20070618_01509a Today was just a great day.  I have 18 photos ready to post, if that tells you anything.  LOL…  I woke up tired, just exhausted.  I had to have Stan to a sock fitting appointment though.  Yeah, he is getting custom made socks to try to keep his feet and legs from swelling.  I did 3 jobs while I had him, but we were home by noon.  His appointment didn’t last long and all my jobs only lasted 1/2 hour each.  We stopped at the duck pond on the way home, so here are the photos from there.

20070618_00309a 20070618_01009a There was a whole section of male ducks and then another section with all the ladies and there almost adult sized young.  They are all so beautiful.  It was already over 80 degrees out by this time today.

20070618_00709a Here they are swimming.  They all sort of took off for the water at the same time.  I sat on a rock to take there picture and was so happy to get to take a picture, I sat right in a big fresh pile of duck poo.  Blah…so I had to clean my pants before I got back in the car.  It was fun though.

While we were doing this, Adam and Kyra were home going for a bike ride.  Adam told me where he took her and I was tired just listening, but he is a good long biker.  You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but he is in pretty good shape.

This all happened before noon.  I came home and grilled salmon, something I have done before.  It was so good.  It made up for anything I cooked terrible yesterday.  Oh, it just melted in my mouth and thinking about it now has made me start drewling.  Oh, I need a drink…