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Stan had a doctors appointment today.  We finally are getting dates for his hip doctor appointments.  Woo Hoo!  He is currently taking 18 pills a day, so today my goal was to convince the doctor to take him off of at least something.  He is healthier over all and some of the pills have to not be needed now.  Well, we got him off of an anti-depressant which we have no idea why he was ever on.  If you know Stan, he is most well known for his laugh and the fact that he laughs at everything.  He laughs simply by not having a clue what you are talking about.  Anyways, we took him off this, that is 2 pills a day.  We also got him off of one of his blood pressure pills of which he is on 4.  The doctor said he can get him off of 2 other pills as well, but wants to see how he does off these and take it slow.

I didn’t take a single picture today, but I did take some movies with my little camera.  I will maybe post one of those tomorrow, you can see Kyra in action. 

I got my regular bus back which is wonderful after having driven the sub bus for my morning routes.  They didn’t have the heat on in it, so I have learned something.  When you don’t have your bus and it is morning take a sweat shirt no matter what.  I had to come home and thaw out. I always hate giving my bus up and love getting it back.  I think all the students would agree on that too.

We walked and other stuff out today, but it was a nice basic day.  It has been sprinkling which is very welcomed by me.  Good Night…