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Today was a good day.

Cathy and I walked 3 miles. I think I am a little sunburnt, but I put sun block on Kyra so she is fine. I am a dumby as I didn’t put it on myself. I feel good though when we actually make it at least 2 miles.

I fixed vegtables for lunch they were good. Andy only ate a few though, I thought he would eat more. LOL, so I have some leftovers.

I have to make a cake to take to Easter Dinner tomorrow. We are going to some friends house. I will make the frosting in the morning.

Kyra was fascinated with a box today and played for about 40 minutes with it. She took a good nap at noon time, but than wouldn’t take one at 2 like she would riding school bus, so she waited and waited, well at 5 o’clock she fell passed out. She is still asleep now at 9, so I think she is gone for the night. She is so funny in fighting sleep sometimes.

Well, that is all for my day pretty boring. Night.