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Well, yesterday was a great day. Really great…

I did all my runs everything was smooth. My elementary kids needed minimal correction of being told to sit, so there is marked improvement. I thought I would be horse by this point by the actions at the beginning of the week.

I didn’t take any new pictures today, so here is one from last weekend of Adam and Kyra.

We got the aquarium cleaned and the lawn finished mowed today. Those both in one day is amazing. LOL… We also cleaned all our fans, wow were they dusty.

I had a little extra job to do at Radio Shack after driving, so we went to mall and I did that. Than we went to dinner…basically my little job paid for dinner. That is why I do them, so I have reason to go to dinner. LOL… After we did that we went to park, there were some annoying kids there, so we didn’t stay long. We just swinged and slid down slide and then basically left. We were going to stay like an hour, but only stayed half hour.

Kyra was tired then, so I put her to sleep. Only instead of just her going to sleep. I fell to sleep too. I didn’t take out contacts, brush teeth, any of that night stuff. I was fully dressed. Thus the reason I am awake now at 3 o’clock in the morning. I swear I am the worst sleeper on earth, at least at night. I can sleep all day, but have the worst time at night. I lay in there listening to Adam and Kyra both breathing hard in deep sleep, it is crazy. So instead here I am….typing away with them totally unaware that I am even gone from the room.

I think I am getting a cold, so I have been taking my vitamin C and drinking my usual gallon of water a day. Hopefully, we will keep it on the mild side. When are those researchers going to find the cure for the cold??

Well, I am off to do other things here. Good Night or Morning whichever fits your situation. Bye…