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Sorry no photo with this post…LOL…
Well…  I did my boob test today.  I am fine there is nothing wrong.  My milk ducts are just like 3 times as many on that side, so they feel clumpy.
My first appointment was at 11.  I went, but I didn’t take this one piece of paper the doctor gave me.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Well..they wouldn’t see me without this paper.  So that was a waste of an hour there and hour back home. 
They gave me a new appointment of 2:30, so we went back with the one piece of paper (lucky I still even had it).  They took me in early almost right when we got there. 
It is so dumb though, the first lady did the ultrasound it was like 2 minutes of test.  So she felt me up basically…
She leaves the room and get the doctor.  This takes 10 minutes.  The doctor comes in and does the same thing the first lady did.  So she felt me up basically…
Why can’t the first person do the whole job?? 
I so hate anything medical. I feel stupider for having been at the doctors most of the time.  Why do we have to draw stuff out and make it seem so stressful when it is basically simple?    All and all I paid $200 to find out that I am working just fine.  My time actually seeing a doctor for this money was less than 10 minutes.
I have to reaffirm.  I hate doctors even if they aren’t a medical doctor.  The word doctor makes me want to hurl. 
People tell me it is better to be safe and aren’t you glad you got checked out.  I very honestly think that doctors keep people sick on purpose for money.  It was proven today that this could quantify the very analyst article that was released today.    Here is the first paragraph of that research article released by AP news today.  “Within a decade, an aging America will spend one of every five dollars on health care, according to government analysts who see no end to increases in the cost of going to the doctor and taking medicine.”
Isn’t this just sick??
Why also I must ask.  Why couldn’t I just walk in off the street and want an ultrasound of my breast??  Why did I need to go see a doctor first to confirm that I needed an ultrasound and have a stupid paper with her signature on it.  I mean how many random people that don’t really need a procedure are going to walk in off the street and have these tests?  Especially people paying cash as I was.  It is just stupid.  I should be able to get and pay for any test possible without any sort of headache at all.  It should be call and get appointment and go get test, sort of like getting your hair cut.  They make it into a money making circus though. 
Well, that is my medical rant for today.  This is a weak post even compared to my intense feelings on this subject.  I have major issues with doctors (testing, prescriptions, appointments, and fees) and also the lack of privacy amongst them. 
I am going to end this post, maybe I will put a picture on in a bit.  Night.