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This is an amazing article. They are going to have all the littlest kids in these safety seats, but not the older kids.

My question has nothing to do with getting the kids into the seats, but more with getting them out of the seats. Although, getting them in would be an issue.

Now, close your eyes imagine…. the bus is in an accident and needs to be evacuated immediately.

There are 8 students strapped down that can not get themselves out in addition to the 40 students that aren’t strapped down.

It is completely crazy, stress can be smelled, there are people screaming everywhere.

What is the driver to do? Should she be be working calm down the older kids and getting them to safety or unstrapping little ones?

As far as a bus aide:

This whole thing seems so so strange to me. I wouldn’t like a bus aide although it is a good idea, probably. I don’t think the bus aide would be all that great at decision making in a situation like above either. The bus aide would probably be the one hurt in an accident as well, as these busses aren’t made for big people. They are deisgned for small children. The bus aide would probably go into shock because they didn’t see what happened and they would probably get in the way of getting things done. It would be interesting, but I would see them as a huge distraction at least initially.