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She now officially has 5 teeth. There are 3 more on the way, so soon she will be an even better biter.

Today was and is a great day. We went to town and got Adam his Father’s Day thing. LOL…It is a surprise. We have been playing all day. I think we sat on the couch snapping our lips at each other for like an hour. That is how long it seemed to me though. Kyra was just laughing and laughing and then she would go snap snap and than I would snap and she would laugh and laugh more. Her laughing made me laugh, so it was pretty fun.

She walked all the way from the mail box to the barn without falling once. We went and fed the goats, she petted the goats. She likes them.

I watched the beginning of the Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat. I don’t like that Coral girl at all, why do they always have her come be in the challenges. Why not let the personalities of the other people come out more? She is so aggressive. I feel sorry for the people that were on the Austin Show, but sometimes I think they bring the stuff on themselves. I feel bad that Danny didn’t get a longer chance at the challenge. Oh well though that is the game.

I am also watching this new show Solitary on Fox Reality. It is going to be on while I am working from now on, but it is interesting to see the torture that people will go through for money. I mean sirens for hours, my goodness. We are a mentally disturbed species, scientifically speaking. It is a wonder we have made it this far without making our own selfs extinct.

Isn’t Kyra cute with the ball in her hands?? Adam and the kids were playing kickball with a different ball right beside there. She was like I want to play too and holding that ball. It was adorable.

Well, that is all for now. Bye…