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Boy does Kyra have an exciting life. Thus, throwing my life into chaos. Who thought it started so young?? LOL….

Here is the picture of Kyra with me at swimming lessons tonight. She was very distracted by Adam being there, but he did get some pretty good pictures. Kyra has lessons for all this week and next week. They are only 40 minutes long, but they make it seem like all night because of there time.

My day is usually broke into 2 hour pieces until 4 o’clock, but this makes it broke into 2 hour pieces all the way til I/we go to bed, so it makes the day long.

Kyra’s 7th tooth broke through. It is her 3rd top tooth the one on the left of her two big front teeth. She hasn’t gotten a tooth think I since it was April, so a pretty long spell. I think she is in a growth spurt thingy too, because she is off with her sleeping and eating patterns. She wants to eat all the time.

Here is her. I think this is Sunday in her wagon going to see the goats. They are getting breed, but we think the job is done. We are getting them back on this next Tuesday after we get back from our fast excursion to Florida. I am so excited…the next few weeks will be so busy, but they will be great. Woo Hoo….

Well, that is all for now. I am very tired and going to bed. I don’t know when I will post again because this is my life this week. It probably won’t be until I get back from Florida with some nice sunny pictures to share. If that is the case, I hope you have as great a weekend as I already plan. Night….