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Mel tagged me for this 7 things about me meme that is going around, so what the heck.  Here are my 7 things before I go to bed early…yeah it will still be early.  Here is my pool inspired list:

  1. I played pool last night.  It was the first time in 10 years.
  2. I have been taught proper pool cue holding techniques many times. (I was in the Army after all right??)  I simply fail at them.  I hold my support hand with my palm up to rest the cue on it as my most comfortable position.  There is no smooth spot between my thumb and index finger, my fingernails always get in the way.  I am not sure whether to play right handed or left handed.  It all feels awkward to me.
  3. I hit greater than 50% of the balls I was aiming for last night.  I was very surprised.
  4. In the army, I went to the pool hall a lot.  I hardly ever played pool though, like I said it always feels awkward to me.  I was into darts.  Yeah, I was pretty good at them and who doesn’t like having a skill of throwing sharp objects through the air??
  5. In Korea, I owned a very expensive set of darts.
  6. I wanted to bring the darts back home with me.  This was 1996.  Darts were considered a weapon and weren’t allowed on the military plane that I few back.  Yet, there were M16’s on this very same flight.
  7. I sold my darts to another soldier when I left.  He was very happy.

There you go 7 things about me and my gaming abilities.  LOL…  That tag wasn’t so bad.

Here let me give it on to some other people out there.  I haven’t tagged anyone in awhile.

I didn’t check to see if any of you had done this prior to my tag, so let me know if you have and I’ll pick someone different…  I read enough sites it should be easy.