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20070607_00505pYes, I survived the last day.  I was done driving and had my bus turned in by noon.  Basically I worked on my bus from 6:30 til noon with only like 20 minutes break.  I cleaned it my 40 minute driving break.  It wasn’t perfectly cleaned, but good enough for them to hose it out which they do.

I learned that I am probably going to get a different route with different kids next year, which sort of has me happy.  It sort of has me sad though….strange though.  I have had a mixed year this year with emotions toward the students.  I will keep my same high school route, but possibly get a new elementary closer to my house.  Who knows though…I will worry about maybe August…LOL… 

Adam came and got me when I turned it in, so I came home and ate.  I then went to my merchandising jobs.  I did my Circuit City store and then my Sears stores.  I was done about 5:30. 

Stan had a sort of doctors appointment.  It was like a pre-doctors appointment appointment.  LOL… He is going for a sleep test, so they wanted to tell him what he had to do for that prior to actually taking the test.  He now has the official appointment. 

We stopped at the fence store on the way home from this and bought a solar powered electric fencer and 75 insulators for our new improved goat zapping machine pasture.  We got that orange braided wire strands for the actual wire part.  Oh, how I hope this works.  We spent over $300 on this though….I really hope we can get away with not putting new posts in.  They cost $6 each and we need about 100, if this doesn’t work.

 20070607_01806p Than…this is where my day gets fun.  I stopped and took this little ponies picture, he was on my way home.  I had missed a call earlier from Tom about the quarry, so I called him back and he was at the quarry.  I asked if I could go in there and that is where I went.  I was there about an hour.

This rock is what Tom calls “Utah” because it looks like the rock found out there.  He laughs and says this is as close as he is going to get.

20070607_03706p There is this spring in the quarry, so it makes this pretty algae grow.  It sort of looks like slim until you get right up close and it is really quite pretty.  I like science….can you tell??  LOL…

20070607_04006p This picture give you the feeling of how big the place is, no that is not a match box car.  The is from the bottom layer.  There are 3 layers now, but I think they are working on making a forth layer.  They are blasting to make each layer bigger too.  This is such a wondrous place to be.  You feel like you are part of nature with all these rocks around you, but really the rocks and the wildlife are the only thing nature here.  Nature doesn’t make this big of holes.  LOL…

20070607_05906p 20070607_06106p It took some work, but I finally got this goose to fly away from me without getting all muddy.

20070607_07506p Lastly, here is the look as you look down into the quarry.

I stopped and took some photos of some cows and a wheat field on the way home from there as well, but I will share them later.

I got home and read my reader empty.  I got in shower, went to Robin’s to get Kyra who was there visiting with Adam.  Came home…got Kyra to bed and here I am.

Woo Hoo!  I don’t have to wake up in the early morning……