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Today… is Kyra’s 8 month old “birthday”. Today… is Adam and My 100 month “anniversary”. Today… Kyra mastered crawling on her knees.

Ok, so my picture of this event sucks. She would only crawl towards me, so I couldn’t get a good side shot. She is surely on her knees here though. I love her mobility, although others say I will regret that. I like the idea of her not needing me all the time. I like seeing her making her own chooses and doing what she wants.

She wore herself out today, so went to bed early. It seems that she doesn’t nap that well on days when Adam works and goes to bed earlier than on days when he is home. She wakes up ready to go ride on school bus. I think she is already used to waking up early like we do. I mean she used to do it when I was a sub, but it was basically random. Now we are doing it every morning. I love it. I think Kyra likes it too. She likes the kids. She is getting so she sleeps less and less on the bus. She likes the attention that the girls in the front give her.

Well…I am going to bed. Night.. Posted by Picasa