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It started like any other day, doesn’t that sound novel like?? LOL… It did though honestly. We woke up, Kyra asked for Barney like she does every morning. I honestly don’t think she realizes that she has slept because she was watching Barney before she went to bed too usually. I turned on Barney because she is spoiled.

I rolled, moaned and groaned, like usual summer and weekend behavior is.

I got up checked out my site here. Yeah, I do that before I brush my teeth. I am a true addict.

I did all the hygiene stuff we do.

Than we got on the car and left to take Kyra to Adam’s. That all went fine.

We went to my first job at Walmart. That went quick.

I gave Stan the option of doing my longer Circuit City job or my other Walmart job and than eating. The Circuit City job taking up to 2 hours and the Walmart job taking like 15 minutes. He said the Circuit City, he wanted to sit in the car while I worked, so I left it running for him. He was fine when I went in.

I came out and he said his sugar was low, so I ran…yeah….I was that girl running like a maniac being stared at by everyone into the Target Pharmacy. I bought 100 glucose tablets because he was out anyways…we used them all last week when he passed out on me. I was lucky the lady behind the pharmacy is a friend of mine sort of. We talk whenever we see each other, but I don’t know her name and she doesn’t know mine. She rang me out very quick. I ran like mad back out of the store…you would have thought I was stealing based on how quickly I was running. I wasn’t….I was expecting bouncers or something to come chase me down. LOL…

I gave him 2 tablets. We were on our way to eat anyways…

We went to the restaurant, Ryans a buffet. You get food the quickest there of anyplace I know because it is a buffet. Anyways…He walked on his own power about up 1/2 way to the door. He said I’m getting dizzy. I took his arm and ,yeah little old me, carried a 250 lb man into a restaurant not a single person asked if I needed help. The lady at the register finally took the other hand and helped me get him to a table.

I told her he was diabetic and he just needed food. I gave him a couple more glucose tablets. I could feel people looking at me like why the hell is she bring this man that can’t walk into the restaurant. Those same people didn’t wait to see him walking out though so they are probably home telling there kids they saw the strangest thing today.

Anyways…we ate. Yeah, he came back just fine. This disease is completely crazy.

He walked out, I think he could have jogged out.

We went to Walmart. I did my other job and we grocery shopped. We didn’t have any food, well now a cart and a half later. We won’t starve at least. I am glad Stan has money to eat. I would have really been scrounging…but Stan has a special diet. It is really hard to scrounge with his diet.

We came home and watched TV some. I fed my poor little piggy, which is sort of a challenge because she has two horses that are grain hogs in there with her. I have to distract the horses with hay. I can then grain my pig, so the horse won’t know he is eating. The horses will be out of there soon though rotated into the other pasture…LOL…our neighborhood pasture rotation.

I found the fate of my goats. They are on there way to auction tomorrow….they get out of the neighbors fence too. I don’t feel so bad getting rid of them for that reason now. Someone should have a very tasty meal from them.

I was going to make my bed time which was 20 minutes ago, but at 9:10 Robin calls and says we have a bon fire come over and check it out. I said for a few minutes, but I have to get to bed which really means blog and then go to bed since this is my routine.

That was my crazy LABOR day though. Good Night….school is back tomorrow. Woo Hoo!!