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A Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

I have been sitting here writing and re-writing this letter to you.  There are so many things I’d love to have the opportunity to discuss with you. 

First, I’d like to know when you think the War in Iraq will end.  I’d also like to have a full report as to the progress our military is making.  I’m tired of seeing so many military men and women station far away from their loved ones, and for what?  What are we really accomplishing?

Secondly, I’m tired of your requests for additional funding for this war.  Millions of Americans are without health insurance.  Women and children, especially, are struggling to meet basic health care needs and it’s expensive.  When will you gather some funding to help them?

Third, I fear that you and politicians in Washington have lost sight of what the American people want.  We want our children to have a great education.  We want the environment to be taken care of.  We want gas prices to stop rising.  We want small businesses to have the same tax breaks that large corporations are receiving.  We’re tired of never getting any answers to our most important questions.

Lastly, I’m losing faith in our government.  I’m losing faith in the process of democracy.  I’m losing faith in the Republican party.  All the controversies surrounding Rumsfeld and Rove, Gonzales and every other member of the GOP.  What are you going to do to restore my trust and my faith in you and our party?  Do you even care?

Simply fed up,



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