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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted my normal daily update yesterday.  I was too tired…LOL..  We have been installing this electric fence for the last two days and today was the first day in awhile that they goats have not gotten out.  I have not personally witnessed a shock, but I am sure they have got them by now.  BBbbbbzzzzztttttt!  Aaaaaahhhhhh!  LOL.  I wouldn’t have had to go to such extremes if they would stay in there over-an-acre-sized pasture with plenty of grass.

Even though we used the same fence posts and Adam did all the hammering.  I really suck at being in the heat, so I got a little sick from it yesterday.  It was done yesterday evening though and I was exhausted.  I slept perfectly and even dreamed which I do rarely.

20070611_00110a So this morning, I was the second person to arrive at the Circuit City to do my display install.  This was super fun…yeah I am being serious.  I am like the only one on earth that loves these tedious little jobs though.

That is a picture of my ultimate display…the monitor is on, but you can’t tell.  When you pick up one of those 6 cameras, the TV will display all this fun information about it.  It is a really neat display (go to your local Circuit City and check it out…LOL).    These displays look simple, but they are actually pretty complex.  The cameras are on special bases that send signals to the TV, but they also have these security posts connected to them that alert.  Those alerts are stuck through these special bases and special screws hold them together.  It is kind of fascinating to me. 

While I install the display the security system goes off almost the whole time even with the key, it beeps like every minute or so.  I thought I was going to loose my hearing, but I am fine.

It took me just under 3 hours to install this little 6 camera and monitor display.

 I came home and the locksmith I had ordered a few weeks ago came to our house.  Yeah, this is crazy.  I have lived in my house 6 years and have only ever had a key to one door and it was the one inside my garage.  Now, I have one of those cool automatic locks with the touch pad, and a key to every door.

20070611_01907p Here is Kyra and I in the flowers out front.  Aren’t we cute…LOL.

20070611_00301pKyra has now found the joy of television hypnotizing, like her parents.  I am okay with that.  We are television watchers here and we are all okay with that, the idea of our child not being one is pretty much not even a consideration. 

Well, now I am concentrating on getting her to sit a little bit of a distance from the TV.  Does it start this young for everyone??  Yes, that photo is of her viewing position.  She can touch the TV with her short little arms.

I would also like to get her to watch a variety, more for my pleasure than hers.  She mostly enjoys Sesame Street, but the same episode.  The one where Cookie Monster thinks the moon is possibly a cookie and Buzz from the first trip to the moon is a guest.  He shows Cookie Monster a moon rock and then Cookie Monster is okay with the moon not being a cookie and sings this song about it all by himself.  LOL….

Yeah, we have other episodes, but she says “Cookie” so well and we know that it means she wants this episode.  

We play outside and other stuff like drawing and counting and the M&M bathroom trips too.  She is easily distracted from anything she is doing which is sort of fun.  I have a short attention span as well.

So, that was my day.  I am off to bed a little early now.  Night…