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There was a time when I would tell Stan about my sometimes crazy neighbors.  Now, I must first tell you my neighbors are super nice.  They are sometimes crazy though and you could probably categorize us as crazy as well for watching them.  Well, Stan has done that to me calling me crazy for watching my neighbors.  Now you have to understand it isn’t hard to watch them, their back yard is directly across the street from my house and all my windows look out onto them.

My neighbors are forever in their backyard.  The man is known to do about everything in a speedo.  I think he has every color.  He mows his yard with gigantic safety glasses and a speedo.  He barbeques on his grill in his speedo.  He isn’t all that attractive, so  you don’t watch him for his looks, but he does these comical things and it makes you laugh all the time. 

Well, I have in the past told Stan about my neighbors.  He basically thought I was the nuts one.  Now he lives here, so he is getting some comic relief at my neighbors expense.  They are comical what can I say… anyways. 

They have there garbage out today for the garbage to get tonight.  There is a box at the top of it inside the can.  We think they have picked that one box up 20 times.  The wind keeps blowing the lid open and the box goes.  All 3 of my neighbors have picked it up these times and they think each other is doing this, so they call a family meeting.  It takes all 3 of them to decide to fix this one poor box and get it to stay in the can. 

Stan and I watch from our couch as they destroy this little box.  We are busting up laughing.  It isn’t fair that we have such funny neighbors all to ourselves so I had to share.