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Well, Stan had to fast for some bloodwork that is due by Thursday.  I finally remembered to get him to the lab today and remind him not to eat before he went to bed.  We got there about 9 and it went pretty smoothly except his sugar dropped low from not eating.  Which basically messed up his full day.  I am sort of worried for next Thursday when they knock him out without eating.  I guess they will monitor his sugar though.  I think I will take breakfast with me, so he can eat as soon as he wakes. 

20070712_02206pWe then came home and the ladies came like usual.  We than went to the Treat and got Dinner.  We got it to go and went to the park to eat.  You know it is Kyra’s birthday and she loves the park.  Adam worked and Tom came along to the park.  I am glad he did.  Stan’s sugar dropped again and I was able to give him my attention while Tom was walking back and forth and forth and back on this curb with Kyra.

20070712_01006pTom got her two books and a hawaii type necklace thing.  The books are the ones where you hunt for things.  Kyra will like them.

20070712_03207pHer cake eating was a hit last year, but this year.  It was the same cake, but more boring.  She has the utensils learned this year and didn’t just plop her face into the cake.  I think that first year one will be glued into my memory while this year is probably more forgettable. We only had spoons though, so that was the unique thing of this year. 

We came home after about 4 hours at the park.  We didn’t get to go to the water pad thing because it was closed or we would have been there longer.  I didn’t know it shut off at 8 o’clock.

Stan sort of had sugar problems all day, so I hope that starting off right tomorrow will get that back on track.

I am very late….so going to bed.  Night…