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Well, today just simply sucked.  Yes, it was that bad.  I snowed all day, which all by itself isn’t so bad.  They left school go as scheduled though, well sort of.  I took the kids to school on time that is.  Yes, Monday…they had two hour delay because it was cold.  Today, it is snowing and terrible out and nothing.  Who decides this junk should be fired for sure…

Anyways…the kids got to school.  Than they called school off at 11 o’clock for high school, so yes.  The kids were in school the required 4 hours to call it a day.  We had a one hour break and went and took them all back home in this terrible weather, but I am glad that I wasn’t driving at 2, so I guess be greatful.

This made working at my other job darn near impossible.  I had Tom not come because of the school junk which I guess is no problem really.  Kyra went with Lauren and Stephanie for an hour, so I did get a slight amount of work done.

The crazy thing is which made the day really bad.  I plug my bus in because it is a diesel and that is what you do when it is cold out.  Thank goodness I put Kyra down for this, she was standing beside me and not touching me.  The extension cord that I leave running across my yard was obviously wet (snowed on, you know) well.  I plugged that sucker into the bus and I got quite a jolt.  I actually can still feel or think I can still feel it, who knows in my fingers right now and it has been 8 hours.  It was really terribly.  I haven’t felt anything like that before in my life. I am going to get a pair of rubber gloves to wear for this task in the future.  I don’t ever want to feel that again.

Here is the cutest picture of Kyra from today though.  We were playing with her dolls.  She is such a poser too.  She loves the camera.

We played a whole lot today as you can imagine.  She likes cooking with me too, which is pretty fun.  She also walked quite a bit o the new treadmill with me.  I set it to 1 mph and she can walk right along with me.  It is pretty fun. 

She is also getting interested more and more into books, so we looked at quite a few of her books.  She has one particular one that is the Sesame Street Fire Engine Tour.  There is a dog on every page in it and she likes pointing out the dogs and going “Woo Woo”.  It is pretty funny.

Than here is just a close-up of her face.  I think I am partial, but I have the most adorable kid on earth folks.  It is funny too because she looks a lot like me and I don’t find myself all this adorable.  I guess that I must be though.  LOL… She does have the shape of her dad’s face with that big oval though.  Anyways…I love this shot, so I had to share it.

I am still not feeling so great so I am going to bed although it isn’t early.  I don’t want to be late.  Night…