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My site crashing took up a good deal of my morning time.

20070925_00412p An old friend, Roy, came to visit us today.  He spent about 2 hours here so I got good an caught up on the comings and goings of his 5 teenaged children.  It is interesting.  He has good kids though. 

I did my routes without any issues from the kids, but there was a car accident right on Main Street.  They used the jaws of life on a Cadillac.  I had to go an alternate route, to avoid traffic and keep me on schedule.  It was no big deal though and sort of a nice change.  I get bored on my same old, same old roads even though I don’t really go on them twice in the same direction in a given day and I go on 15 different roads.  LOL…

20070925_01004p Kyra was returned home immediately when I got home from my routes which was unexpected, but very welcomed.  I miss her so when she is gone.  It is insisted that I carry my very own stuffed animal while we walk around, so I had Zoe.  I put her in my pants loop for hands free carrying.  Well, Kyra just had to have hands free as well, so down her pants Big Bird goes.  LOL…

20070925_01205p Stephanie and her were throwing frisbee while I pulled weeds from the garden.  Stephanie hurt her arm and has a bandage on it.  Kyra had to have a bandage exactly the same.

20070925_01105p They got the frisbee stuck in the apple tree a few times and I like this picture.

20070925_02306p We came in the house and Kyra just got more energy.  She was jumping and jumping, and we read books, we watched Barney, we ran around the circle, but the most fun was playing hide and seek.  Do you see Kyra in this photo??  I can’t…because when you are 2.  You can hide behind anything and think you are completely hidden.  I love this age with her.  I am wondering when the terrible starts??  This is just plain old fun.

20070925_00804p I right now am getting jealous of the pig though.  She seems so comfortable as of here lately and as a bonus.  She seems to be gaining weight on this high protein pig food that I got for her.

Anyways, that was my day.  Hope yours was as exciting.  Good Night…