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I think I had a record today.  There was 9 people that came to my site with the search term “Today Was A Terrible Day”.  This is far from my normal terms.  LOL…

20070803_00203p Kyra spent most of today with her dad, so it was rather on the dull side around here. (The cat slept undisturbed most of the day.)  That seemed sort of invited though.  Tom came…it is his birthday today.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  It was a good talk and I got a lot of planned rock hunts on my free Sunday’s.  You won’t know where I turn up looking for the next mineral find.  I really should update the Franklin Rocks site.  I am sort of waiting on a members promised story and haven’t touch it for quite a while. 

I am not liking the coffee cup over there although it does fit the look it isn’t that type of site.  It is the get outside and get some sun sort of site not the relax and have coffee.

I am really looking forward to getting back to rock hunting though.  I haven’t really went on any good hunts since Kyra was born, so over 2 years.  I need to get down and hunt sharks teeth too.  It is so fun to do.  Kyra could go with on that trip now though, she is big enough and listens pretty good.  She would like the beach.

I talked to my mom today for about 40 minutes.  Yes, that is a record amount of time, since we haven’t really talked in over a year now.  I am going to take Kyra to her place tomorrow and let them visit though…aren’t I nice??  I warned her though one snip at me and we are gone with no questions asked and no voices will be raised.  If she can’t be adult, I can be.

I also talked with Matt over at Blog About Your Blog today about advertising and we came up with a sort of good arrangement.  I am going to have 4 links in the top right there…featured sites and he is going to sell those links for me and administrate them.  He will of course take a cut, but it will be no work for me and extra income. He thinks he can sell them pretty good or that was my impression.  He has way more contacts than poor little ol’me does though.

That said by all means if you want a link there…contact him.  Here is his MyBlogLog page with a the message section.  I don’t think he would mind you using that for this purpose.    The prices will be like somewhere in the $10-$15 a month range, so I believe with length discounts.

Anyways, this is good for me, so I hope it works out and I hope you will check out the sites that will be posted in that section.

Like I said about Kyra.  She was at her dad’s all day almost.  She fell sleep on the way home and is still out.  I hope that doesn’t mean she wakes up extra early tomorrow while I am hoping for her to sleep during my driving.  I got something like 6 DVD’s though which she can watch for the trip.

I am going to be gone for a couple days, so my Blogger of the Day might be the only thing going on here.  Check them out…and if Matt add any featured bloggers check them out too.  He might could do a post about them too, whomever they should be…if he is so inclined.  Hint… Hint…

I am off to bed now.  It will be an early morning for me.