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Today was quite a day.  This morning from 9 am until 1 pm.  We played with balls.  Mostly this huge bigger than Kyra gray fitness ball.  I read one of the blogger writing Top 5 posts yesterday that suggested using a fitness ball for a desk chair (I can’t find it now or I would have linked to it.), so I figured I would try it out see how comfy it was.  Well…… not so comfy for me.  I either need a smaller ball or longer legs.  LOL…

I was so tired of rolling Kyra around on this giant ball.  I came up with the idea of balancing it on my belly on the floor, mostly out of shear exhaustion.  Well, this was a total hit. Kyra is actually quite good at this much better than I expected her to be at it.  LOL…

  Here is the cat toy.  It is a cardboard center thing for scratching and a ping pong ball that goes in endless circles around the track of the outside.  This brings sheer pleasure to our “live” cat.  Now, it also brings endable pleasure to this cute little “stuffed” cat too.  The cool thing with playing with the cat toy is it attracts the real cat to come play usually.  She hears this thing and usually comes out of hiding, not that she hides a lot.  If I were her, I would hide a lot more than she does the torture she puts up with is overwhelming from this little girl trying to pick her up and sit on her, LOL…

 We I wasn’t playing ball today.  I was being uses as a horse or mama monkey which ever you prefer.  Yes, as Kyra goes “Wooo Wooo Heee Haaa Haaa” while in this position.  I guess I am the one that taught her that, and it does make you smile when you hear it.  This can go on for hours though.

My routes were out of control this afternoon, I am going on another write up spree tomorrow with my video in hand.  Oh the joys of paperwork.  It will ultimately result in a peaceful ride though for a few weeks as I know that a few students will be kicked off for awhile…final tally is not determined yet though.  Only 19 more days of school, so I hope they turn them loose from me for them all.

We came home this afternoon and went to the computer shop, I got another piece of network cable.  I ordered one 6 inches and he gave me one 6 feet, so he is going to make the 6 inch one and call me when that is ready.  I don’t need nor want 6 feet, but it will work for now.  So my Vonage is back on.

We went to the bank deposit was made, yesterday was pay day…this makes my bill all up to date now.  It is close though as 2 were due the 12th, they will be mailed the 11th.  They better not count them as late.  I will be very upset if they do.

We went to Walmart than and got some milk and ketchup…other things too.  These the most important though.  LOL…  I got 4 big jugs of ketchup, so I won’t be out of them for a few weeks at least.

Kyra and I ate at Friendly’s.  It started to downpour, but we relaxed and listened to everyone commenting about the window on that car being down.  (We were parked like front and center.) I wasn’t about to go close it though…so I just smiled on the inside.  It really didn’t get too wet surprisingly.  It wasn’t a window either of us sat at though and there was a baby blanket on the seat which took the water pretty good.  Leather is easy to wipe dry though too.

We came home it rained like mad the whole way.  I got all the stuff in the house except the network cable.  I went to get it and it stopped raining, so I think the gods were working against me on this one.  LOL… my last trip out and it stops.

Now, my day is up.  I have 100+ in my reader, but I am going to let them rest and go to bed.  Good Night.