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I have been sick the last few day. I have slept a whole lot. Yesterday, I think I slept 5 extra hours on top of my normal sleep. I feel sort of refreshed today, but still have whatever this is that is going around. It is like stuck in my throat right now and doesn’t want to come out. I cough a lot, but it seems like useless.

I got pulled for a random drug test, so I had to go do that today instead of making it to my MOMS club meeting. I wanted to go to. I said I would do something for the Christmas party, but I don’t even show up to the meeting prior…that sucks. I called the club president though and I guess they are going to have a person in Santa outfit come and give out gifts. So oh well… I peed in a cup. I don’t do drugs, so it was no big deal except a pain to drive the the doctors. It is sad that you have to prove that you are clean though. It is even sadder though that drugged out people are driving busses though, I guess. is Kyra last year. It is hard to believe. I wasn’t blogging last year this time, so this picture never made it into this blog before. She looked pretty cute that day. I was holding her on the old recliner in the kitchen. We were getting ready for church. It was close to the last time we went to church and I think it was the last time that I went. is Kyra today. She looks so grown doesn’t she. I never believed people when they told me that babies grow fast, but now I believe. It seems like such a short time since she was sitting on my lap in the kitchen. I don’t think I grew up that fast…at least it didn’t seem fast to me. I am sure though next year when I put another picture in this line up, she will look like she was small the way she is today.

I did all my driving today. Everything went smooth. Something happened though in school I just know it. I left off kids that were as calm as ever and I picked up kids that seemed to be on some sort of rush. They were just hyper, like crazy. They really needed extra gym classes today. Why can’t they wear them down more?? LOL… is Lauren’s smile without her braces. She got them off today. She looks like a new girl. It is amazing what a little metal can do to ones appearance. She was pretty before, but boys look out now. LOL… Look back a few days ago at the post with her braces. You can tell it is the same smile. She said it only took like a minute to get them off. That is crazy…

Well, that is all for me today. I think. I am going to bed a bit early. I will sleep this whatever it is off. LOL….