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I was in an accident this morning with my school bus.  Everyone is fine…

I was stopped at a stop sign on my way home, not even a mile from home and looked and looked again like I always do.  I didn’t see anyone.  I went and there he was.  I hit him straight on it was totally my fault. 

I didn’t have any kids on except Kyra, but honestly.  I have hit my breaks and stopped harder than I stopped for this accident.  Kyra didn’t even flinch and was laughing when I took her out of the seat.  I was in panic having almost peed my pants.

That said…the 1992 Astrovan that I hit.  Didn’t look so hot after it was hit.  My front mirror smashed it’s windshield and there was a large dent in the side.  The bus is fine, it broke the stop arm (that strange stick that moves out when you are letting kids on and off), but that is all.  There is barely a scratch otherwise. 

He was moving pretty fast when I hit him, but probably not speeding.  I was barely moving of course, just started from a complete stop not even 15 feet gone. He said he saw it coming.  He was as calm as if nothing happened when he got out of the van.  I was in panic and the guy that was hit was calm.  His total complete calmness almost made me more panic, like I had to have enough panic for both of us.

Honestly this was over 2 hours ago and my heart is still racing pretty good pace.

My boss came he was complete calm.  The police came he was complete calm and making Kyra laugh talking about his grandkids.  The whole scene was completely calm except me.  I am usually the calm one, so what is going on here.  I kept thinking to myself stay calm look at everyone else here….

They made this a non-reportable accident so it won’t even be on my driving record.  This I can’t believe.  I got no tickets nothing. I am in total shock.

I asked my boss, “Am I fired??” always the paranoid one.  He replied, “Goodness, No!  Now go home and calm down everything is fine.”  So, this is what I am doing now calming down.