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So my new job is going as good as can be expected.  My Kyra is doing so much better than can be expected.

My life though is stressful.

I gave Adam a year to be bankrupt when he left.  He has absolutely no money skills and when he left was living large.  He wasn’t being careful the way we were while we were married.  I think he criticized me for the way I handled money.  He used to say "Live now, while your young" and get mad at me.  He has been gone for 7 months now.  I try to help him, but he doesn’t even see my help.  He has gotten into gambling as well with his poor financial skills.  It is a nightmare basically for him I think.

Our marriage wasn’t perfect financially.  There is a confession.  There are things we could have done better, but hindsight is always better isn’t it.  I was getting us on our feet though when he left.

Now though he has gone over 10 thousand dollars more in the hole on his own accord.  This is not me, nor my fault.  I have not added to my own debt.

Any ways, he is talking to debt consolidation and reduction company.  I really hope they accept him and help him with his money.  If they don’t though, he is talking about bankruptcy.

This is stressing me because like our child support agreement is not through the department of child services, it is an agreed to amount.  He has paid and all that faithfully since he left, so I have no issues.  I have people looking into it with an attorney though if bankruptcy will affect this since it isn’t court ordered. 

He keeps telling me "Thanks for putting him in a box" which this totally isn’t my fault.  He has child support which is within a reasonable range for his income and his portion of our marriage debt was about 2/3 that of mine, but his income was quadruple, what mine is.  I also took the house and all the house payments which there is almost no equity in the house right now.

Anyways, this is stressing on me and it stresses on me that he is blaming me.  I know it shouldn’t everyone that I talk to says it isn’t my fault, but he is telling everyone that I am putting him in a box and blah blah blah.  I don’t know what to do, but watch him squirm as I don’t have the money to bail him out and if I did bail him out.  I still think he would turn around and get in this same situation all over again.