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When I talk about Adam and I am mad at him. It seems like I always say “My Husband”, but when I am in a normal mood. I almost always refer to him as “Adam”. I just was thinking about this while coming home from work I have no idea. It seems I am never mad at Adam. I am always mad at my husband. It is almost like I hold them as separate people in my head. I wonder why I do this, oh well.

Here is Kyra the other day. I didn’t get any pictures of her today. It is a rare day when I don’t take a picture of Kyra, but today just flew on by.

Adam has this new thing that he is sleeping with us. (He has slept in basement for year now. He gets home at 1:30 and I wake up at 5. I also wake up with Kyra several times at night, well, not several times now, but at first. It was just easiest. I wanted him to get all his sleep, so he would be good to drive 10 hours for his work.) Ok, well…now he is back in bed with me. Kyra is transitioning to her own bed although it will be in our room for now.

Well, maybe I can sleep now, so away I go. Night…