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Ok here goes. My New Year’s Resolution is to write in this blog at least once a week. I forget what I wrote earlier today, so if that is a repeat forgive me.

Here is a nice picture of today. It was beautiful out.

Kyra and I went for a long walk at like 9 am this morning. Her in that backpack thing is a very good workout for me even at short distances.

The sky was so pretty.

I fixed lunch my favorite and usual meal Chicken. It seems that is all that I eat while Adam is at work.

We than went to Tom and Shirley’s to prepare supper. Shirley’s ankle actually looked good tonight. The food was vegtables baked and chicken breast in this very interesting batter. It had Thyme in it. (I can’t ever remember knowingly eating Thyme.) I think I will try to make it again sometime. The vegtables turned out good too. I am quite surprised that the house didn’t fall down on me or something else strange just from the meer presents of me in a kitchen. I guess I got lucky today, I shouldn’t risk it again soon.

Anyways Kyra was very good even though she has been a bit of a grump here lately. Adam’s Birthday is today, so I brought the dessert home for him to try. He gets an extra helping.

Well that is enough for a day, don’t want everyone to get to know to much about me too quick. I will run out of things to say later and need to fill it in with the mundane of me. Posted by Picasa