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Brought to you by the wonderful people at Affordabook!

21W9RGK37ZL  Here we are learning the ABC’s with Dr. Seuss.  The good folks at are eager to help us out with all the best kids books and adult books for that matter at great prices.

You can search for any book you would like and they will come up with all the places where that book can be found.  My book had 17 sellers, with the prices including shipping ranging from $4.75 to 7.79.  That is some difference don’t you think all for a thin little Dr. Seuss book.

Let me show you another example of the great variety you see in this site.  I have The New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary.  It is dusty, but I have it.  I paid $15 for it at the book store.  Yeah…I went through a time in my life where I attempted crossword puzzles.

The prices on this went from lowest $4.24 all the way to what I paid $15.54, so a $10 difference for the same book.  Isn’t that remarkable??

Go see the good people at Affordabook for you next bargain price.