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Well, today was a great day. Kyra and I went shopping today, so isn’t that the ideal day for any women?? My husband would say it is, he seems to think that it is enjoyable for all women to spend money. I guess I can’t argue…It was pretty fun and I didn’t do so bad money wise really.

We went to Kohl’s, Michaels, Target, and Petsmart followed by lunch at Red Robin. We were looking for halloween costumes in Kohl’s. They didn’t have any, can you believe that. I guess there radio ads worked to well as they sold out. We didn’t buy anything from Kohl’s. We than went to Michaels. I really didn’t have any reason to go here other than I like looking in there store, they always have some neat things and today was no exception. I however held back and bought nothing. Woo Hoo….I did good. That all took like 2 hours too.

We went to Target with a list of getting a case of diapers and maybe a halloween costume. Well, I got both and a bunch of neat pencil thingy’s to give the kids that ride my bus. They have little ghouls on them, so will be fun. I did also get a halloween costume which is of a duck, so so cute. However, I got home and tried it on Kyra and it won’t fit. I don’t think I can take it back, so I will find a new user for it. So I feel like I did pretty good there, didn’t go to over board, but again it was fun looking at all the options. I don’t go shopping alone or with just Kyra I guess all that often anymore.

We went to Petsmart next and last. I had a list of a case of cat food, fish food and an air pump. I got all of those plus one fish. It is a pure black Molly. I was looking at the fish to maybe get some more orange or red colors in my tank, but how did I end up buying a black. Oh well, she is really pretty and looks great in my tank. Maybe with my bright orange male and her we will have some little Halloween Mollies.

We than went to Red Robin. We ate. It was delicious as usual, we love that place.

Well, all this shopping made Kyra very tired. She slept the whole ride home and I put her on the bed when we got home. She slept for another 2 hours. When she woke up we went out fed the goats and were playing around in the yard. It was pretty fun, she likes spinning in circles and getting all dizzy. She makes me laugh falling over like a drunk…LOL. Well it started raining, so we came back in.

We were sitting with the cat and I found 3 ticks on her. I found one the other day. I think I am going to stop letting her out for awhile. It seems like a bad time to be outside really. Kyra stayed awake until a little after 9, so I am sure she will not feel like getting up in the morning however, I think she will have too. Adam needs his sleep. We are sort of unfair to him in getting his rest. I wish it was easy to be quiet in the mornings, but it isn’t. It is impossible.

So that was my exciting day. Good Night…

Oh, PS…You can still smell smoke in my house. Wow…you would think it gone by now. Oh well, I suck at cooking….officially confirmed. I guess however my husband says “He never had an accident when he was awake.” and he calls that a valid point. So my point can be… “I never burnt anything while I was standing in the kitchen.”…Ha ha….Now he should quit picking on me.