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I went to Cumberland Valley Motors Subaru dealer today.  I had an 8:30 appointment, I was there 10 minutes early.  I had a long list of issues with my car including the security system, the air conditioner, the tires, and annual exam.

What I learned was sort of what I expected.  I needed about everything.  They reset the security system and cleaned the connections in my remote lock key chains.

They charged my A/C and found small leaks at the top hoses.  They recommended I not have it repaired as they are so small.  The A/C will leak though over time.

The most disturbing news though was my inspection.  I have had an issue with Highland Tires because twice they didn’t tighten my tires on my car after they worked on it.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first time I suspected them.  After the second, I will never go back. 

Today, I learned that I have been driving around on the wrong rotors for my brake system, so that was the cause of my tire issues as of this visit.

The good news, I passed this new emissions test first try.  LOL…

The bill was $931 and change.

I was there until 12:30.  The shop part was actually not that bad though.  I expected this sort of although not with such a price tag.

Here is the disturbing part.  I was hungry.  My stomach was making loud audible noises and disturbing the others around me.  I decided because I didn’t know when my car was going to be done to go “test drive” a new car in the direction of Arby’s.  (I am a owner of a Subaru with 130+ thousand miles on it.)  I figure they would be more than happy to let me drive a new car seeing me and my car, I am a potential client really.  Although…I admit not a potential client for today, but someday.

I had been here over 3 hours on top of that.  They should have been asking me about a donut or something while I waited.  There were like 6 sales dudes, just standing around without a customer in sight.

They had a lot of gull.  He made me sign some leasing form to go 4 miles up the road.  He told me that they don’t like it when the people in repair take test drives and it is discouraged.  He told me I should be paying rent for this as a rental car and they offer this service.  He also told me he would get in trouble if his boss knew what he was doing….yeah, but I am signing a form here.

I will tell you exactly what he was doing.  He was encouraging me to never ever come back in that sales office.  I felt like a thief when I got in that new car and drove off.  I was the one passing over the dollars, what is going on here?  

I am still almost in shock of how the sales staff acted.  It was totally unexpected.