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20070627_00110a Well, yesterday sort of just finished off quick and nice.  We went to the park and played for a few hours.  We did the Walmart trip, got more milk.  Woo Hoo… That was pretty much it.

Today was a bit bizarre for me though.  I was alone most of the day.  Adam, Kyra, and Stan went some place this morning.  I forget where, but they got back at like 9:30.  I left by myself at 11:30.  I went to an appointment with the dietary consultant lady for Stan.  I didn’t have to take him.  I than, went and did my normal weekly Circuit City job.  I was there until close to 3.  I went and ate lunch at Red Robin because Skittles made me hungry for a burger.  I than went and did my other portion of my job which it turned out was absolutely nothing.  They didn’t have the item I was looking for.  I got my papers signed and that was that.

I came home it was close to 5.  I got my Kyra did big kisses.  Oh, I love the kisses of coming home from being gone.  LOL…. LOVE THEM!!  Anyways, watched about 3 TiVo’d shows with Stan. 

I than packed all my junk up and took it to Tom’s.  This is the weekend of our annual garage sale, so I just sort of scurried around and got all my junk clothing sorted out.  I am getting rid of all the shirts that show my belly even if I liked them.  I have a heck of a time finding shirts long enough to cover me all up though, it is terrible.  I am not abnormally tall either which makes it even more disturbing.  I am only 5′ 8″, I know women much taller than me.  I sorted out all our blankets, we never hardly use those. I just wanted enough to keep me warm should something happen or if someone comes to visit.  I also kept the ones that I personally made or someone close to me made as gifts.  I did get rid of some gift ones though…I admit.  You can’t keep everything. I am not a collector though of things.  I am the bare minimum type of gal. 

Anyways, that went quick.  I filled my trunk with clothes mostly.  I than have a lot of Stan’s things from the move down here, like we don’t need a million pans or 2 microwaves. 

This should be a good garage sale, so Friday and Saturday will be busy.

I took Kyra with to Tom’s while I unloaded, so he got to see her.  He really likes seeing her.  Shirley was there too as a bonus.  She went hunting for their hiding cat, but never found it.  She is pretty cute with things like that.  We came home it was about 10 here and she still wasn’t sleeping.  She went to bed shortly after we got home though and now as usual.  I am the only one awake in my house…typing away here.

I am probably going to be up for a little bit, but for on here.  Good Night.