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pay110607 My pay check was $348.72. I make $10.50 per route, so $42 per day of driving. If there is a day off school…I don’t get paid.

I get unemployment for when there is 4 or more days off school and for summer vacation. This last year my unemployment rate was $128 per week with me not being allowed to make more than $50 or it gets subtracted…which I always make more than $50 with my other jobs. I usually ended up getting close to $75 a week after my deductions, thankfully I make some under the radar as well.

This made Jo and Angela Willis both very close, so I went ahead and sent them both off $10. That was actually pretty fun.

It is pathetic my pay though. I don’t envision myself driving within 2 years from today. It is a dead end job where the top sucks…if you call where I am the top which essentially I do.

I am going to go to school. I am hopefully going to suck up full-time school over the summer. I am working on saving, so that I can have my house payments all made before summer begins.

Oh yeah…my house payments…ha ha. My house payment is something like $834 a month. I drive school bus and my total paychecks in a month won’t pay for my house. I rely on my other jobs which thankfully pay better for less time.

I am also relying on my child support from Adam right now as well. I hope that I don’t have to though. I need to be able to stand on my own feet even though Kyra does of course deserve that pay as well. I would ultimately like to be able to just bank it for her college though.

Stan also helps here by paying for all our food. Yeah, his rent is paid for with groceries.

The crazy thing is I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I am going to finish my Information Technology degree though because I am pretty close, I think. I have no idea though where this will all lead.