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This is a sponsored post!

  Ok, we should all  do this Memory Walk .  Alzheimer’s disease is in my family and most all that I know of. 

My great aunt Claris had it bad by the time she passed.  She had no idea who I was. 

Adam’s grandmother had it as well, she died in an almost vegetative state due to advanced stages of this terrible disease. 

My friend Tom’s mom has it now and is suffering terrible from it though she doesn’t know she is.  She doesn’t remember things she did only a few minutes earlier.

To me, it is so scary that you can grow and your mind can do this to you.  They are working towards medical advances though that can reduce and help repair the damages done to the brain from this disease.

They are having these memory walks  in hundreds of cities all across the US and I think it is definitely a worth cause. This is the single largest event that raises money for care, support, and research for sufferers of Alzheimer’s. The one closest to me is the one on October 13th in Harrisburg, PA on City Island.  I am thinking about walking in this myself.  It would be good for me and Kyra to do.

The Team Captain’s usually sign up early to have time to be able to recruit more walkers for there team.  Your team can consist of your co-workers, friends, maybe members of your church anyone really.  I know you can do it!  Make a team and have fun while making a difference.