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My entire family reads this site.  Yes, I see you. Today you have been here with vengeance or at least that is what my statistics say.  I think it is the man picture.  Who knows though.

They never leave comments though and basically have no interactions with me.  I think I got 3 cards on my birthday.  I have no hard feelings though, I don’t send too many cards either.  The only stuff they know about me is what I write on here and I am getting so I know nothing about them.

I think they think it strange of me to not want to visit them all on holidays and the like because they know so much about me.  This site is sort of like watching my life progress in some ways.  For them, I imagine being with me is like being with someone who never left.  Yes, I am that honest on here. 

That said though, I am here though wondering why they don’t comment, why don’t they e-mail me, why don’t they do anything to make communication go in both directions??  Is the internet and this site that daunting?? 

What do you think my commenting friends…??  If you were my aunt would you comment??  Would you like me to join your family??  LOL…