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Well, had you woke up with me this morning.  You would have thought instantly that I was going to have just the worst day.  I got out of bed in like this emotional thunk.  I was just depressed for no reason whatsoever and Kyra was balling and just generally being bad.  I ultimately didn’t leave my basement get away until just before noon. 

20071216_00711a When you looked outside, you would have thought about the same thing as what I felt like.  We are under attack, take for example my trees here.  In the normal parts of the year, I can drive my lawn mower under those trees.  They are so weighted down with ice that they are sitting on the ground at the base.  It is amazingly beautiful though in a way.

20071216_02711a So, I concentrated on the amazingly beautiful today and headed out with my camera and Kyra.  I busted out the snow pants that I had bought her for Christmas even, so she would stay warm.  Yeah, she doesn’t have her gloves on…they are in the pocket.  We weren’t out that long though only like 20 minutes.  I didn’t wear gloves at all, so we were okay.

20071216_00911a20071216_01111a 20071216_01611a Here  are some of the ice pictures I took.  The ice was just hanging from about everything.  The grass looks very cool coated in like this small layer.

20071216_01511a We walked around our small block during this short outing.  We were walking along and right behind us this branch fell from the sky.  It was amazing sounding.

20071216_01211a My ugly bus has little icicles all the way around it.

20071215_00406p We came back from out and ate lunch and played around.  Kyra was exceptionally grumpy all day way more than standard days.  She is getting so she just constantly screams “Mommy Mommy” even when I am standing a few inches from her.  Oh, it is so annoying.  We read though, read the help wanted section of the weekly newspaper, rode tricycle, talked to people on the phone, played with the dog, took showers, played with the V-smile, basically everything I know how to do that she likes.  I stopped doing anything though when she was crying, so I sat on the couch a lot too.

Stephen came and got us about 4 and we went riding on the 4-wheeler.  Yeah, we were outside riding around in the ice.  We were all bundled up and I actually didn’t get cold at all, I don’t think Kyra did either.  Her hands were in mine the whole time and I was fine.  It was Stephen who was cold. 

His mom had been making cookies all morning, so we went in there afterwards and had fresh baked cookies.  I ate too many to tell you a count.  They were so good.  Kyra ate 3 though.

We came home, Stephen came with.  We watched CSI off of my DVR while Kyra took her nap.  I am totally caught up on my CSI.  I swear that doesn’t happen very often.  I am almost caught up on Top Model, so what will I watch now??  LOL… 

Now, I am here at computer.  Stephen went home.  I am going to bed slightly early and getting up slightly early.  I am going to be showered and all that before I start my bus routes in the morning.  I usually don’t shower until I am back, so this will be strange with wet hair.  I have to leave almost immediately for my interview when I get home though.  I will have time to change my clothes and that is about it. 

I really have to wake up in a great mood.  I really need confidence for this interview, I think.  I am so put off by interviews.  It is just crazy.  I need to not flop.  I know I can do the job once hired, but need to be confident during interview and keep it positive to get hired.

Anyways, that was my day.  It was a huge turn around of emotions from start to finish.  I am going to bed feeling great though, so lets hope that transfers into tomorrow and I type about how I won’t be a bus driver next year on here. Tomorrow night.  Have a great night everyone…