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I have all the tell tale signs of a migraine.  I also did all the things I shouldn’t.  I went in and out and in and out.  I am very heat sensitive and the changing of temperatures is just horrible on me.  My bus was major hot this afternoon too, which pretty much sucked.  It makes me look forward to winter.  I took 2 Excedrin, which if you know me.  That is an amazing feat, I am the look of an anti-drug.  I sometimes take 1/2 a low dose Tylenol for a headache.  I prefer the orange flavored kids version on any medicine that I would take.

It was a good day other than that.

We had our fire drill off the bus today though which is very embarrassing for the most part.  The instructions they give us are almost joke like and about as unrealistic as you could possibly get.  You know drills are to prepare for the worst, well in our case.  They aren’t to prepare for anything.  They are to obey state laws with some sort of procedure. 

Yeah, I stopped a long ways from the bus in front of me.  I got the kids in a single file line along the side of the bus (out the front door, like usual) and then got them back on the bus.  I made them be completely quiet and then mostly we waited for all the other busses to do this same thing.  They went into school.  We went to the other school where we just waited for other busses to do there drill because we already had done ours. 

It didn’t take as long as I would have thought it would and I actually did do all the steps on the instructions.  I also showed the kids the cell phone I have and how to remove the roof emergency exits.

I stayed home all day in between my routes. This was the first time this week and obviously the last…since it is Friday.  It was so nice and so relaxing as well.  That also kept Kyra awake and having fun playing.  I like when I can do that.

She sleeps than through my afternoon routes which is nice for both of us.  It maximizes my “play” time which I adore more than she does.  I am getting to be a good horsey, you know!!

We went to Circuit City after my routes to finish my job off.  I was there Monday and it was to busy for me to finish, so I came back tonight.  I still couldn’t put the display up though because my parts were not correct.  I ended up leaving with nothing more done, but knowledge of what parts I sort of need.  I hope they send them too me.

20070907_00605p 20070907_01405p We went to the park after that.  There was this adorable little girl there already, she was a year older than Kyra.  Kyra adored her the moment we got there.  I think I did too.  They were playing together though and Kyra was doing very good at it.  She usually doesn’t play as like a partner in playing, but more a dominator.  She cried when we left as did the other girl.  It was actually pretty cute all though annoying as usual.  I hate when Kyra cries.  We were at the park well over an hour.  (I took pictures of the girls playing together, but won’t post them without the mothers permission and I didn’t ask her.  I got her e-mail though and sent her off copies of the pictures, so hopefully these girls can get together some other time and play.  It was so fun.)

We came home and Kyra went to bed almost immediately.  She did something great today too. She didn’t wet a single diaper or pants.  She has been having accidents since school started and has been refusing to go potty in morning before my routes, but she went this morning.  I hope this is a new trend again.

I am going to find another sponsored post probably tonight.  Good Night…