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I am really in a giving mood here lately aren’t I??  I have my M&M contest ending today though, so I figure what the heck lets get rid of those now.  I did the random number generator on my big 4 entries.

So, let me thank my 4 people for entering, you should go visit each of there sites.

  1. Erika
  2. Jill from my pregnancy group. 
  3. lil foots mommy
  4. Holly

Thanks ladies.  I appreciated each of your entries.  It was a fun read even though there were so few.

ScreenHunter_004So without any further wait.  Here is the random number selecter at  That was officially used by me.  This is a screen shot of my answering the questions to get the random number from 1-4.

ScreenHunter_005 And the winner is…


So, lil foot’s mommy will have a nice big bag of M&M’s coming off in her direction soon.  Congratulations…

Now, go enter my new contest….see if you can win $10.