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Today was a great day. I woke up very tired, but everything went smoothly through the day.

Kyra is still off with the time change, but is slowly getting better. She wakes up more at night now and wants to wake up really early in the morning.

We did all our runs like normal today. The other driver that does a kindergarten run with me is on a trip to Texas to see his kids, so we get to talk to the substitute driver that is filling in for the day. Today it was Krystal and she has a little baby that was born in September that rides with her. Kyra loves babies and it is one of her only words she says so that is pretty cute.

This picture is her sleeping yesterday. She sleeps so peaceful looking. I often watch her sleeping wondering if I look so peaceful. I hope that I do, but fear that I don’t.

We went swimming tonight. The pool was actually open…Woo Hoo. I have went 3 times prior to this and had it be a wrong time, or just simply closed for the day. We only swam for 25 minutes, but boy it was refreshing. I know it will help with tomorrow something about water lifts my spirit. I love it. I am thinking about getting the Y schedule, but I don’t know if I would use the Y like I should. It is a far drive from my house. Oh well, we will see. I guess I would just like to be able to go swimming while Adam is working, but the open swims at this pool are only on days when he is off.

Well, that was my day. It was fun, yet normal. I love days like today. Now, I am going to bed….early even. Woo Hoo…See tomorrow has to be good. It is getting a head start. Night…