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I am yet again angry with this posting software. I posted this photo yesterday and it just disappeared. It goes through all the steps to publish, but than never shows up.

This is Kyra yesterday. She has gotten her 3rd tooth.

It was a wonderful day yesterday and is also today. We are pretty boring folks here. Kyra is sleeping now, Adam kept her for my afternoon run, so she didn’t sleep like she usually does.

Today was payday, which is nice. We are taking our neighbors out to eat tomorrow, so probably won’t have much left as there are 6 of them, so probably a very big bill. We are also getting a new screen door for our house both front and back, so it will look better and operate properly and so that I can leave the back door open without the cat excaping.

Our cat turned 2 years old on the 3rd. I can’t believe it she is already that old. I remember and have the picture right in front of me of when she was only like 5 days old. I watched her being born though, she was the second born in a litter of 5 kittens.

Well, I am going to finish this and see if it posts properly. Night. Posted by Picasa