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My first 8 things meme was Paula inspired, so why not do a Paul inspired version. (I guess I’ll just use my same line. It is still true.) I honestly was hoping this one would miss me. Why well because I am great at writing about me today.  I am not so good about writing about my past.  I am going to use Paul’s 8 things as direct inspiration for mine though, so here goes.

  1. Adam is a very private person, so much so that he is very uncomfortable with strangers in our house.  He won’t admit this.  Now that his dad lives here, we have a worker come specifically on the days that Adam works so he isn’t here when they are.
  2. We divide the housework evenly as well.  I do the kitchen stuff and Adam does all the rest.
  3. We are both more of indoors people.  I would love the outdoors if I wasn’t so temperature sensitive though.  I don’t know how I got this way, but I get very sick from changing temperatures frequently.
  4. I was a scout and a soldier.  Adam was neither.
  5. We have no sisters between us.  I have two younger brothers and Adam has 2 older brothers and a twin brother.
  6. I would love to go to college more and multimedia design would be something, I could like.
  7. I play the V-tech V-smile with my daughter.  I lost the first time I played.  I mean honestly lost while trying.  This is a game for 3-7 year olds.
  8. When I was a kid, I raised rabbits.  Rabbits multiply very fast.  I had them all named and would get mad when my brothers got a name wrong.

Alright, I considered not tagging anyone since this is my second round, but what fun would that be??  I will refer to my handy dandy MBL last visitors as I sometimes do.

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I love MBL.  Don’t you??  LOL….