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Today was another beautiful day out.  My routes went perfectly. 

The only bad thing about today was I went to go take Bullet to the auction and my car didn’t start.  This has been happening sometimes and Adam thinks he knows what is wrong.  I guess I am not to worried either way…it is important that I have a car, but not like I use it to go to work or anything.  This was a lucky break for Bullet as now he gets to live here another week.

Yesterday at Target one of my purchases was sidewalk paint.  We put the blue color to good use today.  Our cement slab is very porous though and the paint sucks to use.  It took like 1/2 the bottle to paint this one “Kyra” word.  I think ultimately this will be something to use on our neighbors blacktop less porous driveway, so we will get there kids involved next time when I take the pink and yellow out.  Even the chalk sort of sucks to use here because it uses so much for one drag.

We ended up painting each other though and chasing each other around the yard with paintbrush in hand.  It was fun.  We also are extra clean as we got two complete showers today.

I am extremely tired as I did not get the best sleep ever that I mentioned in earlier post.  I think I got the worst sleep ever and even Kyra got up during the night.

That said I am going to go to bed slightly early tonight. 

I am going to be changing the theme of this site tomorrow as I am sucking at getting this one corrected and have another one I like going to come in and take over.  I am working on editing it to be more of the school bus colors, but also some girly colors which I like with a white background, so it is possibly more readable for those late night eyes all over out there like mine.  I will also catch up on my reading tomorrow as I have basically done none today.  Night….