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I took Kyra to Adam almost immediately when we got up this morning.  He is going to be working on Sunday, so he won’t get her then, so today was a make up day, but in advance. 

I worked on my Franklin Rocks site today.  I changed the whole look and put together a semi-plan for future posts.  I should have had that all together previously, but it seemed to always get onto the back burner. Anyways, I did get work done on that today.

Matt is having a hard time selling my links here, so I thought I would share some statistics with you and him that show how much this site is growing and how steadily.  It is just steady slow growth, but definitely measurable.   Here are the unique visitors per month taken straight from my Awstats.

Jan 2007 736
Feb 2007 935
Mar 2007  1582
Apr 2007   1900
May 2007  2169
Jun 2007   2389
Jul 2007  3027
 Aug 2007  1193

I am on target for a marked growth this month as well, the 1193 was for as of the 10th (today) at noon.

I missed Kyra a ton.  I keep looking at her dolls and stuff wanting to play horse or something. 

20070810_01303pI went to the goats quite a bit today.  I took pictures of them.  You can really tell that this is mother and daughter in this photo.  There faces have the almost same exact shape.

20070810_00603p Caramel is getting so big.  She is such a beautiful animal.  Her fur just is so shiny and smooth.

20070810_00203p There are these giant mushrooms growing in my pasture.  I never seen a mushroom growing alive that was so big.

20070810_02303p Back when Sara died, they gave away bulbs at her funeral to plant.  Well, I planted mine and it is growing.  It will probably flower this year even.

20070810_02504p Diamond and I waited patiently for Kyra to get back.  She wasn’t supposed to be back until 8, but woo hoo.  She was back at 6:30. 

20070810_02806p I honestly don’t think Diamond minds being dragged around anymore.  She just mopes around like I do when Kyra isn’t here.  I have Kyra taught not to hold her by her neck, aren’t I nice??  LOL…  She doesn’t run away from us hardly ever.

It was beautiful outside tonight, probably the coolest it has been.  Kyra went to bed very easy again tonight.  I must really be wearing her out.  She has completely grasped the your new bed concept and I think loves her bed.  I don’t exactly think it is normal though for a 2 year old to love a bed nor to go to bed easy.  Am I right in this thinking??  Don’t most 2 year olds fight going to bed and come walking from there rooms at all hours??

Anyways, it was just another boring day and it is now already almost tomorrow.  I am so late.  I am off to bed.  Good Night…