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Look at this site Anxiety Sucks, this just popped up in my school bus search that I have on alert.

I find it amazing that a person with a blog title Anxiety Sucks is considering homeschooling.  I don’t know her, but if her life is as stressful and depressing as she has in her title…I wouldn’t recommend homeschooling.

That said, I do think the virtual school is a good choose.  I am considering one around here for Kyra, but I am neither stressed or depressed.  I like that they have certified teachers and peer support.

So my main thing….how would she think the bus driver should see behavior like this one the bus?  I mean the driver is doing something like DRIVING besides um…watching for flashers in every seat.  The camera gets a good broad image of the bus, but doesn’t look down into each and every seat.  Also, we have to have a hint of something going wrong to go analyze the video.  I wonder if this boy has thought to say anything to the driver as we can not correct things we do not know about.  All the kids need to speak up for the drivers when things are going wrong.  That is the only way, I repeat only way.  That things will get corrected on a school bus.

Yes, Yes…there is a slim chance that I would notice something like this, but silent wrong doings are very easily over looked.  My bus has noise buffers in it as well which block me from hearing anything behind like seat 8 unless it is exceptionally quiet in there, which mine never is.