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Today we played and made faces at each other.  We sang the alphabet about a hundred times.  We watched Barney together and sang the tooth brushing song quite a few times too.  We were out in the pool for a few minutes.  We were in the barn for a little bit. 

We went to the bus meeting and Kyra played with a baby, but was very good.

20070815_00411a All that made her very tired, so she fell asleep on the couch curled up in a little ball.

20070815_02107p She woke up and Tom came with garbage and helped do some sorting in the garage.  We went to Robin’s and Kyra got to ride the horse with her.  We than went and picked up the school bus.  I couldn’t wait to get it, so I got it on the first day it was available.  I wasn’t the first one though.  There were like 4 others missing.  It was dark when I backed it in, but you can see the reflectors are working.

It was a very busy, but very fun day.