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Yesterday was basically terrible.  I absolutely hate filling out applications, I hate the way I perceive people to be looking at me even if they aren’t.  It is embarrassing to me.  I filled out 9 applications though.  That was before noon too. 

I am filling out the civil service applications now, which hopefully will lead to a job with the state.  Who knows… 

I really don’t like job hunting though, it is depressing.

I went and got Kyra at 1 to cheer myself up and so Adam could have some time to himself.  His dad and brother moved out of his place yesterday too, so he was there alone.

I bought a new TV in Walmart, so now I have a TV upstairs.  It was on sale and fits in my TV stand perfectly.

We played toys a few hours. The Lego’s that Kyra got last Christmas are just now finally getting some good use.

Stephen came we cooked breakfast stuff for super and watched a movie.  Hope you had a good day.